WorshipU Review

WorshipU: a review

Bethel Church in Redding, California has quickly become the center of a new wave of passionate, expressive worship. Much like Maranatha!, Hillsong, and Passion, Bethel released a new sound and changed everything.

In the midst of this movement, deep spiritual awakening is being birthed in churches of all shapes and sizes, across denominations and borders, not just because of the music, but also because of the depth of heart and relationship at the foundation of it all.

So how is the average church musician supposed to usher in this new sound with a multi-hundred dollar budget, a handful of sometimes musicians, and a skeptical at best leadership committee? It all begins with a culture of honor, a solid Biblical foundation, and a lifestyle of worship when no one is looking.

This is what WorshipU is all about.

From the website: "We believe leading worship starts with cultivating a life of worship. These lessons illustrate how creating an environment goes beyond the abilities of playing an instrument or leading a team."

A few years ago I had the privilege of completing a six-month online worship leader certification course through Bethel in the program that was a precursor to WorshipU's current iteration. As the coursework was winding up, I knew I wanted access to the incredible teaching, worship sessions, and resources far longer than six months. Apparently a lot of my classmates felt the same. Before long, Bethel announced a whole new subscription-based program with all the current content plus much, much more. 

It has been one of my favorite resources as a worship leader. The community is great. The knowledge is amazing. The encouragement is unparalleled. The impact it has had on every team I have led since, from Sundays to conferences, is profound.

With all of the positives, there is only one negative. The price tag. Compared to other programs, it is reasonable. Compared to available funds in most smallish church budgets, it may be an investment for the worship leader to make in him/herself. Is it worth it? YES!!! Absolutely. This is one thing I never want to be without again. Period.

Check out WorshipU here. (not an affiliate link)



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