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Learning new things is one of my favorite undertakings. It's always an adventure. But that adventure is even more exciting when I'm learning something new with my friends. So come along with me as we explore all kinds of knowledge. Let's sift through the true, the interesting, and the ridiculous together and emerge wiser and healthier for our journey!

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A Look Back at 2017

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The Year of Learning


That was my word for 2016. 

A year after leaving my long-time job to be home with my kids, homeschool, and start my own business, I looked back over what had been accomplished and realized that, other than spending quality time with my children, not much had happened. My days had been filled to the brim, but as I sat there on the edge of a new year, there wasn’t much I could point to that had moved me toward any of my life goals. 

I was tired of drifting along.

So…. “intentional” became my word. If it wasn’t in line with where I was going, it wasn’t going to find a place in my day. Period.

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