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Summer 2018 Book Announced!

Do you ever wonder what men and women of great faith like Moses, David, and Mary knew that we're missing? Do you long for a deeper walk with the Lord but are uncertain of what more there is or how to get to a new level? If so, then our summer book club selection is exactly the right fit for you right now!

Soaking in God's Presence  by Paul Yadao and Leif Hetland takes readers through Scripture and personal experience into a place of intimacy with God that will open the door to what is next in your spiritual journey. I have been pouring over this book for the last few weeks and have received fresh insight each time I pick it up. Although it is a short book and could be a quick read, I encourage you to take your time and really implement the practice of soaking in His presence. If you do, I am certain you will see amazing things happen in your life.

From the book description:

Soaking prayer is not a new discovery as much as it is a recovery of a spiritual path to a lifestyle of intimacy with God paved by countless heroes of the faith. This type of prayer has been known in the past as waiting upon the Lord, being still, resting in the Lord, tarrying in His Presence, meditative and contemplative prayer, etc. Through this manual, listen to the hearts of Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao as they lead you into: ~ the heart of soaking ~ being still to hear His voice ~ the rhythm of heaven ~ creating a culture of soaking.

Perfect for morning or evening devotions or to take along on vacation, pick up our summer book club pick today!



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