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Healing the Orphan Spirit

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“The table is set and the entire house has been prepared for your homecoming. The only thing missing is you. Start the long journey home. Father is waiting for you.” - Leif Hetland, Healing the Orphan Spirit

     In 2013, I had the amazing privilege of leading worship at the annual Aldersgate conference. One of the speakers that year was Leif Hetland. A native of Norway with an incredible story and captivating insight, he now resides in the US and ministers the love of God all around the world.  Four years later, the principles and wisdom he shared are still challenging me and changing my perspective.

     During that impactful week in Lexington, Kentucky, one of the things Leif shared was the concept of sonship and walking as sons and daughters of the Living God rather than as orphans separated from our Heavenly Father and trying to earn our way back to fellowship. Of course, those of us who are regulars in the church have heard thousands of times that we are the children of God, but do we really live like that is true?

     Healing the Orphan Spirit, the first in a series of books on sonship, strikes at the heart of loneliness, pain, rejection, and separation and offers a truth on which we can boldly stand. Starting with the creation of the first family, moving through the fall and all of its implications both ancient and modern, Hetland takes readers from living as outcasts looking in to abiding as family, rightfully abiding in God’s presence.

     I invite you to pick up a copy today and join in the journey from orphan to son! Below are  links to the book as well as to Leif’s ministry, Global Mission Awareness.

  • Purchase a copy of Leif Hetland’s Healing the Orphan Spirit HERE. (Feel free to pick up a copy anywhere. If you order through this link and small percentage will go to our ministry.)
  • Find Global Mission Awareness and earn more about Leif and his mission HERE.
  • Watch one of Leif’s talks from the 2013 Aldersgate conference HERE. Jump ahead to around 1:07:36 to here a part of his story followed by the message from that night. (There are lots of other components of the conference in the first hour.)

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