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Fight Back with Joy

Book Club Review of Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg

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     Fiesty, full of spunk, and exuberantly joyful, Fight Back with Joy is the inspiring story of one woman’s fight against and victory over breast cancer. As Margaret Feinberg shares her story, survivors will find a kindred soul. As current warriors read of her determination to hold on to joy through the journey, they will find hope. As those on the outside looking in turn each page, they will gain insight into the process, enabling them to show compassion and consideration at deeper levels.

     Fight Back with Joy is one of those rare gems that reaches beyond its subject matter to impact anyone, male or female, who takes it to heart. I highly recommend picking up a copy of both the book and the workbook.

     Together, the two-book set is designed to first inspire and then guide readers to practice living a life of empowerment through choosing joy. Filled with brief daily assignments and plenty of chance for reflection and visioning, the workbook is perfect for group discussions and can be modified easily to accommodate self-study. Additionally, a DVD with 20-30 minute segments corresponding to each of the six sessions is available.

     In the closing pages of the workbook, readers can find well-planned resources such as a “Joy Bomb Journal” and Scripture memorization cards filled with verses on which to stand. 

     Whether you choose to pick up one, two, or all three resources, I encourage you to get started today. Choose joy! Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.  

     Below are links to Fight Back with Joy. Click on the images to learn more about each and to find them at a great price.


Music selected by author Margaret Feinberg to enhance your experience while reading Fight Back with Joy:

Deeper Places Worship Ministry's YouTube Channel: Fight Back with Joy Playlist

Some favorite quotes from Fight Back with Joy:


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