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Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide

Book lovers can be incredibly hard to shop for. The latest book from their favorite author? Already pre-ordered a month ago. Or how about a classic? Read it. Own it. Moved on. 

Let's face it, we reading enthusiasts are particular about our choices in material. Just because we read a lot does not mean we read anything that comes along. On the contrary, we have selected an extremely time-consuming, albeit rewarding and enriching, hobby. So what are our friends and family members to do when they want to bless us with the perfect gift?

Here are ten great ideas for book lovers everywhere. Pick up one (or more) to support and encourage the readers in your life!

Note: This site uses affiliate links. When you click through and make a purchase, you get the same low price plus we receive a tiny portion that helps us keep this site and our book club free for all. Win win!



Prism Glasses. These ingenious spectacles enable comfortable reading (or watching tv) while lying flat. This is especially great for those with limited mobility or neck pain. They also work great for those who have mountains of required reading to do on a deadline because it opens up a fully supported option for positioning.


Book Weight. But not just any book weight. We’re talking about the coolest invention ever for holding down the page on a breezy day in the park. A transparent book weight shaped just right to conform to a standard-sized book, holding the full length and width of a two page spread while providing an unobstructed view of every single word. Possible the coolest gift ever. Yes, my inner nerd is showing, lol.


Book-themed Tissue Box. My mom gave me mine years ago, and it is still a conversation starter than garners compliments. Book lovers love books. Even ones cleverly disguising an everyday necessity.


Journal. Whether leather-bound, hand-crafted, or hard cover, a crisp new journal gives your reader a special place to gather thoughts and inspiration. With price points to fit any budget, this is a sure winner.


Bookends. Preferably ones that spark conversation like these. Drawing attention to your book lover’s favorite new reads is bound to stir up inspiration and create segues for discussions of the great ideas and exciting adventures they’ve been exploring.


Warm and Cozy Throw. Not a “snuggy,” a real, plush, elegant throw in his or her favorite color. It’s the perfect gift for the long winter nights ahead.



Book Light. The classic book lovers’ gift, no matter the age, a great book light is a great idea. With choices at every price point and features every flashlight-balancing-beneath-the-blanket bookworm has only dreamed of, our number four choice is a stocking stuffer that is sure to be a favorite for years to come.



Kindle (or your favorite e-reader) accessories. Because, who doesn’t love to update and upgrade their tech? A new waterproof cover. A premium leather case. A pristine charging cable (to replace the original one that’s probably patched up with electrical tape ;).  There are tons of new options out there. Explore some today!

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Amazon Prime membership. Yes, really. Hands down, it’s a great investment for anyone. but especially for book lovers. Free 2-day shipping on nearly any book your heart may desire plus an enormous lending library with books, magazines, comics, and more. Pick up the latest from your favorite author or rediscover a classic gem all with a few clicks. Read along on your e-reader or using the Kindle App on nearly any device imaginable. It’s more convenient than even the local library.

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A new Kindle! Browse the options here, and find the perfect e-reader for the book lover on your list. This is one of my favorite ways to read on the go. Although nothing beats the feel of a real, hard copy book when you’re snuggled up in your favorite reading spot, the portability factor with an e-reader is HUGE! Its slim profile and abundant storage allow you to take an entire library along wherever life may lead. With thousands of free titles and Amazon’s lending library, the possibilities are endless. Pick one up today! (Use the link below for an unbeatable deal good through 12/9/2017!) 

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