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Welcome to the Book Club!


 Welcome to the Book Club at Stacy Saunders Ministries! 

     An exciting year of learning, stretching, and growing through some of the very best nonfiction books impacting the world today is underway for 2018.

     From life and health to faith and relationships, we will be diving into a wide array of topics that impact real, everyday life, gaining wisdom and insight as we read and discuss each selection.

     Choose a book below to get started. Our current book will always be listed first. You are invited and encouraged to leave comments about each book. Sharing our thoughts as we go through each selection is a great way to get to know one another and to see things from a variety of perspectives. As Scripture says, there is safety in a multitude of counselors (Proverbs 11:14). I can't wait to read your thoughts as we explore these books together!

Start with any of our past books or choose our current read, Safely Home  by Randy Alcorn. Looking for a day by day devotional? Sign up for Awaken  by Priscilla Shirer, by using the form below! (Although our group covered this phenomenal read in 2017, this series is one that will help you develop the habit of daily reading. Fill out the form to launch a 90-day devotional series of emails designed to accompany the book study. Feel free to begin at any time!)




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Be challenged to take a bold stand for Jesus with our Fall Book Club selection!

Safely Home  by Randy Alcorn


“It cost him everything he had…but he gained everything that mattered.”


The 10th anniversary edition of Randy Alcorn’s stirring fictional account Safely Home  opens with an update one the Church in China. Far from the free society that is touted in the press, the underground church is still very real and in very real danger from physical, economic, and emotional persecution. The question for those in the Land of the Free? What are we willing to do about it?


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Summer 2018 Book Announced!

  Do you ever wonder what men and women of great faith like Moses, David, and Mary knew that we're missing? Do you long for a deeper walk with the Lord but are uncertain of what more there is or how to get to a new level? If so, then our summer book club selection is exactly the right fit for you right now!

Let Go of Resolutions and Change Your Life for Good!

New Year's resolutions are always made with hope and good intentions, yet most fail within a few short weeks. Perhaps the reason is that we are creatures of habit. Until those habits which have created the very problems we are trying to address have changed, there can never truly be freedom from our present circumstances.

As many an expert often quotes, "The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results."

As we wrap up the first quarter, you may be looking around and wondering if your resolutions will ever be fulfilled. I certainly am. But I'm also determined to commit to changing from my mindset to my habits, yielding in due time a better version of myself. 

"Don't give up," I keep telling myself, and it's the same message I speak to you! Let's move forward together starting by choosing and applying the principles of one of three stellar books: Make Things HappenThe Best Yes, and Living Forward. To help you choose, here are some details about each book:


Lavender Hand Cream and Eucalyptus & Lavender Soap Recipes

Easy DIY Gifts Everyone Will Love!

One afternoon in the kitchen with some basic tools and just a few ingredients will yield high quality DIY gifts everyone on your list will love. Include the recipe as the card so your friends and family can carry the healthy habit of natural skin care well into the New Year!

Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide

Book lovers can be incredibly hard to shop for. The latest book from their favorite author? Already pre-ordered a month ago. Or how about a classic? Read it. Own it. Moved on. 

Let's face it, we reading enthusiasts are particular about our choices in material. Just because we read a lot does not mean we read anything that comes along. On the contrary, we have selected an extremely time-consuming, albeit rewarding and enriching, hobby. So what are our friends and family members to do when they want to bless us with the perfect gift?

Here are ten great ideas for book lovers everywhere. Pick up one (or more) to support and encourage the readers in your life!

Start Fresh with Awaken by Priscilla Shirer

Our Fall Book Club Selection is........

Awaken by Priscilla Shirer!  

     Are you ready to embark on a daily active pursuit of the voice of God? Join us September 1st as we dive in to 90 days of devotions penned by Priscilla Shirer in her latest book, Awaken. Designed to usher readers into deeper places in their walk with the Lord and in their understanding of Scripture through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, Awaken is sure to spark new life in your daily time with God.


Our next Quarterly Party is almost here!!!

You're invited! Join in the fun as we celebrate the first quarter of 2017 with a discussion of what God has done in our lives and what we have learned through our latest book selections including Leif Hetland's Healing the Orphan Spirit and Margaret Fienberg's Fight Back with Joy

When? Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 7:00 pm Central

Where? HERE! We are trying something new this time and hosting the event on our webpage as requested by several of our members.

Healing the Orphan Spirit

Find Healing in our Newest Book Club Selection!

“The table is set and the entire house has been prepared for your homecoming. The only thing missing is you. Start the long journey home. Father is waiting for you.” - Leif Hetland, Healing the Orphan Spirit

     In 2013, I had the amazing privilege of leading worship at the annual Aldersgate conference. One of the speakers that year was Leif Hetland. A native of Norway with an incredible story and captivating insight, he now resides in the US and ministers the love of God all around the world.  Four years later, the principles and wisdom he shared are still challenging me and changing my perspective.

Fight Back with Joy

Book Club Review of Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg

You are invited to discuss this, and all, of our book club selections by leaving comments. We love to hear your thought and insights! Additionally, find (and share) favorite quotes and/or music from all of our book club selections under “INSPIRE.”

     Fiesty, full of spunk, and exuberantly joyful, Fight Back with Joy is the inspiring story of one woman’s fight against and victory over breast cancer. As Margaret Feinberg shares her story, survivors will find a kindred soul. As current warriors read of her determination to hold on to joy through the journey, they will find hope. As those on the outside looking in turn each page, they will gain insight into the process, enabling them to show compassion and consideration at deeper levels.

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